Writing is at the very heart of our company

With our help, our clients have secured over £5.5bn worth of contracts

Writing is at the very heart of our company

With our help, our clients have secured over £5.5bn worth of contracts

About Writing Bids

We are a partnership of bid writing and proofreading professionals with extensive training and presentation experience. We have led and supported teams, spearheaded bids for clients when their teams were overstretched, and ‘rescued’ bids that have lost their way. Proof of the pudding is in the eating – we are responsible for over £5.5 billion of successful tenders in the past five years.

We love to train bid teams, not just ‘on the day’ but providing further backup through weeks and months ahead as questions arise or reassurance is needed.

We are a passionate and dedicated team who love to communicate. We know that words can, all too often, be obstacles to clear communication, so it is our mission to find exactly the right way to convey messages that will be understood. To do this effectively we need to fully understand the client, assess their needs, knowledge, and comprehension, and then decide how to deliver the message successfully. Using effective word choice, document layout, graphic design and well thought out executive summaries, we have helped clients of all sizes deliver bids worth £billions over recent years.

Sectors we have worked in

Health care



Facilities management


Information technology





Waste management

Bid Writing by Writing Bids

Our bid writers have a minimum of six years experience and have successfully worked across multiple sectors. When writing a proposal you are often against tight deadlines and we can provide you with the necessary bid writing services and bid consultancy from Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) through to Invitation to Tender (ITT) submission.

Proofreading by Writing Bids

Our proofreaders will provide that final polish before the tender goes out the door. It is such an important task that often gets left out or is poorly executed. The most successful proofreading is carried out by fresh, impartial eyes – our team will pick up on spelling and grammatical errors, check consistency of terminology, remove ambiguities, and provide useful comments to aid the client where text or structure appears inelegant.

Graphic Design by Writing Bids

We use a third party Graphic Design organisation, who are experts at making your bid presentation stand out from the crowd. We have developed this relationship over the last ten years and even now they continue to impress us with their modern designs. Please see samples below:

The right training course for you

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